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Dog walking/hiking is nothing new- it's been around since the domestication of house pets. However, what has changed more recently is the increase in the need to find these services outside the home, in the form of a hired dog walker. With double-income households and single professionals on the rise, people are more likely to uphold full-time careers that can cause for grueling work schedules. This leaves precious little time for our pets, who are often unable to adapt to these changes and suffer as a result. All too often, Fido is stuck at home, cooped up for long hours, anxiously waiting for you to return home. And when you do return home, he demands attention, exercise, and positive reinforcement.


That's where we come in.

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The Rad Rover service model is different from other pet care providers out there. We are rooted in the belief that the relationship between a dog and their owner is entirely holistic in nature, and needs to be in harmony. If your dog is stressed or misbehaving from a lack of adequate exercise, from being left at a kennel, or from an inadequate level of socialization, it is quite possible you will become distressed as well. This only serves to further create stress and anxiety and bad behaviour in your dog. This vicious cycle can be extremely difficuly to break without intervention.

Rad Rover works with your dog while you're at work or otherwise unable to be with your pet, so you can get piece of mind. We dedicate ourselves whole heartedly to the well-being and happiness of dogs, and as a result, their owners as well. We strive to achieve a balance between you and your dog by offering high quality services that you can both be happy about.


Our dedication to safely exercising and socilalizing your dog, in addition to the positive reinforcement training we provide, means Rad Rover can restore harmony to you and your dog. We guarantee it.

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