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75 Minutes


When you think Rad Rover you think Pack Hike. It's an opportunity for your dog to get outside with some four-legged friends and explore the Okanagan. There are so many things to see and smell. Clocking in at 75 minutes your dog will get the exercise they crave in a safe and stimulating environment. With a 6 to 1 dog to Dog Walker ratio, you can feel confident that your Rover is getting the attention he deserves.  We provide the dogs with plenty of water and treats to fuel them along the way. You better believe that there's nowhere your dog would rather be while you're away.

*Off-leash availability dependent on individual trails policies.




60 Minutes


Sometimes it's great to meet up with friends, but occasionally it's cool just to do your own thing. If your dog is more of an lone wolf and would rather explore on his own, then the Soloist might be the right fit. We take your pooch on a one-on-one hike or walk with one of our Dog Walkers who will give them lots of undivided attention. This is also a great option if your dog is dog-reactive or if you live outside our service area but still want nothing but the best for your pal.  


60 Minutes


This laid back outing is for dogs who in their day, had their fair share of running and playing but now they just want a short walk, with a lot of attention and love mixed in. With up to four older dogs (or dogs with low-mobility), we head to a local park or path and walk at a slower pace for 20-30 minutes. After that, they will spend 20-30 minutes with one of our Dog Walkers who will give your dog lots of pets, massages and a good brush out--with lots of tasty organic treats to snack on and fresh water, of course!



60 Minutes - Available Seasonally


Let's face it, Kelowna gets really hot in the summer. Like, really REALLY hot, but that doesn't mean that your dog wants to stay cooped up inside all day. That's why we created Fetch, Splash & Swim. It's 60 minutes of playing at the beach, swimming, and keeping cool. Whether your dog thinks he is part fish, or is just learning to get their paws wet, our Dog Walkers will make sure your dog is having a blast. 


90 Minutes - Available Seasonally


Winters are so beautiful here in the Okanagan. Trees are blanketed with snow, air is crisp, and the sun is shining. What better way for your dog to spend their day than on the mountainside enjoying the snow up close. For 90 minutes we snowshoe off the beaten path while the dogs follow along, hopping in and out of the deep snow.  The Winter Adventurer is our go to for winter fun. Additionally, in keeping with our safety practices, we will gladly outfit your dog with Pawz Dog Boots for the hike when necessary so that he doesnt get ice or snow caught between his pads. 

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