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Client Reviews

Stop it, really. You're making us blush

"I can't say enough about how thrilled we were to find Rad Rover. Jessica is so professional and she went way above our expectations taking care of our "fur babies". She provides a very unique service. She is truly passionate about what she does and we will be using Rad Rover for years to come."


Blue & Sterling

"At the beginning, Gerrard was struggling with walking etiquette and after a few pack walks with Jessica and her dog Chanel, he is no longer pulling and walks right beside me with a loose leash. I would highly recommend Rad Rover to anyone who needs a dog walker who loves the outdoors as much as the dogs she is walking."



Jessica is very professional and a great animal person. Our dog Lily loves her and it's wonderful to be able to go on a trip knowing that she is being left in very capable, competent hands. I highly recommend Rad Rover!"



Arlo has been on several off-leash dog walks with Jess and she continues to impress me with her understanding of dogs-- especially high energy dogs-- and their behaviors. With help from her dog Chanel, Jess has helped me with walking Arlo off leash in natural wooded areas where we frequently run into many people, other dogs and squirrels, when he needs to be on his best behavior."



"Jess and her dog Chanel are by far my favourite person/pet pairing on the planet. What a genius idea from a girl who is dedicated and passionate about what she does. Big congrats to Jess on a brilliant business plan."




"Jessica takes Mawa on hikes into the woods (I have 2 acres so Mawa has the run but this was different ) and you could see on the pictures that Jessica sent me that Mawa was all excited because she was playing and running with other dogs."


Mawa ( 'Little One')

"After having a very bad experience with putting my dog in a kennel, I was very hesitant allowing someone else to care for him. Rad Rover put my mind at ease and took fantastic care of my dog. Charlie has separation anxiety so being away is difficult on all of us. Jessica went above and beyond to ensure that my dog Charlie was exercised and engaged and very happy. I received numerous updates throughout the day to put my mind at ease. I will definitely recommend Rad Rover to all of my friends with pets." 



"Finding a service that I could trust to drain enough of these gals appetite for physical activity has been challenging to say the least, until finding Rad Rover. These two beauties come home completely exhausted/satisfied and for that I am extremely grateful. Rad Rover is able to accommodate a work schedule that is both irregular and urgent with grace and an insane amount of flexibility. Jessica is pro with dog behavior and importantly the service is extremely professional, attentive and responsible. Honestly, if you’re looking for someone to be there for your dogs while you’re not, look no further!"



Jessie & Moe

"Sadie loves to be outside. She is happiest in the great outdoors where she is free to play, run, sniff and explore. She is also an unapologetic social butterfly, eager to make friends with all the people and pups she meets. For those reasons, the range of services Rad Rover offers, including pack walks and longer hikes, are a great fit for us. But finding a company with the right services, while important, alone was not enough. Finding the right person I was comfortable with to take excellent care of my girl paramount for me. Jessica is that person."



"Soon after rescuing my puppy I discovered his aggressive behaviour, which had made it almost impossible to walk him. He would not only pull, but also bite his leash, my arm, and bark incessantly at any distraction. Then I discovered Rad Rover. I cannot say enough about the pack-program, and the difference it has made in my dog’s behaviour. Jessica is incredibly patient, firm with the animals, but loving and kind. She has taught my puppy proper walking etiquette and has given me the tools to be a more dominant owner. THANK YOU!"


Mosby, Ruby, Remy

When you own a larger, "more aggressive" breed of dog (as thought of by some), people tend to avoid you on walks, approach you more cautiously or even refuse to look after your pet when you are on vacation or in a bind.  

I met Jessica at a local dog festival last year, and I couldn't help but feel "she is the one".  The way she spoke of her dog, the activities she had and the services she offered where more than I had expected.

Lexie is a 15 year old pitbull mix.  In my eyes she is one of the kindest, least aggressive dogs you'll ever meet.  She is a rescue dog who comes with "baggage".  Jessica did not make this a sticking point.  She came in with understanding, knowledge, and professionalism.



"Anyone willing to hire a pet care professional naturally has high expectations, and Jessica matched those expectations and then some... Not only is she completely professional, reliable and accountable, she has a fabulous sense of humour, which shone through in every photo and email she sent to us, letting us know how our baby was coping during our nine-day vacation. It is easy to give Rad Rover an A+ reference!"


Kai, Nala

"With my busy work schedule I knew I could count on Jessica to give Bella the exercise she needed and deserved. Bella definitely enjoys herself on the walks and learns to interact and play with other dogs. I would highly recommend Rad Rover , there's no dog walking service out there better!"




"My pups Finn and Fila have been having play dates and dog walks with Jessica from Rad Rover once a week since they joined our family. Jessica and the services she offers were recommended to me by a fellow dog owner and I am very grateful for this referral. 

Finn and Fila really enjoy their play date and come home happy and tired from their

adventures. They get to socialize with their buddies and explore different areas and hiking trails. Jessica is extremely conscientious and accommodating. She picks them up from our home and returns them later, both happy and satisfied. She keeps me up to date with pictures of the pups and any concerns she notices. 

I really can't speak highly enough about Jessica of Rad Rover and look forward to her being a part of Finn and Fila's journey through puppyhood into adulthood. She is certainly going to be seeing a lot of them in the years to come!"


Finn, Fila

I boarded my wonderful dog with Jessica for a week in December 2016. This was a great experience for him.  He was treated as a family member and provided with excellent care.  There were daily hikes and outings provided, and opportunities for him to socialize with his canine friends.

I have had the opportunity to walk with Jessica and her pack.She interacts positively with pack members, is always in control, and aware of any arising situations.  All were well exercised by the end of the outing. Each dog was checked for any injuries after each hike. I highly recommend Rad Rover for boarding and daily outings and intend to use their services again. 



The canine member of our family is in his senior years. With a busy work-life away from the home, we had to seek outside support for the physical and mental well being of our loyal pooch. Jess at Rad Rover offered the ideal solution for Zarr's needs. He is either walked in his own neighbourhood or gets to go for a car ride and taken on a group walk adventure near downtown Kelowna or Knox Mountain Park with friends. We are provided with pictures of Zarr's adventure, and some valuable feedback as to how his outing went.

Jess has a reliable background knowledge for canine behaviour and their physical limitations. Zarr has some arthritis and joint issues and she knows when he has had enough exercise for the day. Having the honest feedback from Jess also helps us in our caring for Zarr as well. You have a valued service Jess, and you are very appreciated.



I am very happy to have found Jessica.  I was looking for someone to take out my dog for a fun day of play and socialization and Jessica fits the bill.  She goes above and beyond.  She is very concienous and dog focused.  Her love of dogs is quite apparent and I feel very comfortable with my dog being in her care.  I have found her to be reliable and trustworthy and am impressed with her training methods and helpful advice. I can tell that my dog enjoys his time with her and would definately recommend Rad Rover as a great dog walking service.  Her amazing photos are also a great bonus!



Jessica is the best!I I trust her immensely and that doesn't come easily for me when it comes to my dog. She treats them all like her own.They go on amazing adventures and the best hikes ever.... I couldn't recommend her enough.



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